Die besten Kommentare in 2014

FX-Ray hat wirklich fantastisches Fans! Jeden Tag bekommen wir eine Menge Kommentare, Nachrichten und Heiratsanträge.

Um unserer Freude Ausdruck zu verleihen, möchten wir hier einige der besten Kommentare aus 2014 vorstellen. Ihr seid wirklich die Besten. Danke euch allen für eure Unterstützung und die lieben Nachrichten! All unsere Tutorials und Downloads sind kostenlos! Euer Applaus, eure Likes und Worte, das ist das, wofür wir Leben!

This is the best… The very best tutorial i ever watched on youtube.
YouTube comment on the LOW POLY PORTRAIT tutorial
Great tut. How do you spell your name? I’m hearing „DonkeyShot“
Zer0 Dubstep
YouTube comment on the LOW POLY PORTRAIT tutorial
This was amazing! Thank you so much! I had a lot of memory loss from a head injury two years ago, and this just helped me catch back up on relearning!
Comment on the PLASTIC WARP Tutorial
this is an amazing site. and highly recommended.
Shah Waqas
YouTube comment on the HAIR RETOUCHING tutorial
awesome tut .. a well spoken easy to follow tutorial… just the way i like em 😉
YouTube comment on the LOW POLY PORTRAIT tutorial
Amazing tutorial, I’m suprised by the quality
guido van der wal
YouTube comment on the SUPERHERO tutorial
Yous saved me!!! You are the best , you are amazing, I love you, you are my idol !! ♥
Dianne Ines Colville
Happy fan from Venezuela
This is the best tutorial in ALL the Youtube videos. THANK YOU — I am so very happy I watched yours first BEFORE anyone else. You earned a SUB from me!
Lenin Glass
YouTube comment on the LOW POLY PORTRAIT tutorial
Nearly every graphic designer has used Photoshop tutorials to bolster their design skills; in fact, theres perhaps no better way to become a better graphic designer than to follow Photoshop tutorials. This is an extremely awesome tutorial. 🙂
Comment on the SUPERHERO tutorial
This is the best tutorial of anything I’ve ever seen
Dylan Rhymaun
YouTube comment on the LOW POLY PORTRAIT tutorial
Another awesome tutorial, and really inspiring! Thanks!
from the Netherlands
WOW, it extends all my capabilities.
Comment on the 3D FABRIC EXTENSION Tutorial
Great stuff Dom, hope you keep making these informative videos. Great results, now following you on vimeo…All the best, Sam
Comment on PLOT
Excellent tutorial! Thank you for posting it, it’s pretty simple and complex at the same time, but nothing’s impossible. 🙂
Pablo DeMode
YouTube comment on the LOW POLY PORTRAIT tutorial


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