Monthly Archives: January 2015

Photographers For Charity

Last weekend some of Germany’s most prestigious photographers and image editors gathered together to host a charity event for the Round Table Children’s Wish Foundation. Altogether, we raised over 19,000 EUR to help making children’s wishes come true.

Killer Tip #2: A guide assistant for Photoshop

Guides are a very useful feature in Photoshop. But you have to create them manually, which can be annoying, if you have more than 2. This PHOTOSHOP KILLER TIP is about the free Photoshop Extension GuideGuide, that will help you to create complex guides within seconds.

10 best advanced Photoshop Tutorials in 2014

When it comes to Photoshop tutorials, FX-Ray seems not to be the only website in the world. And that’s a good thing! And although we know that it’s hard to find advanced Photoshop tutorials for free, there are some of them out there. We put together our favorite tutorials from 2014.