Killer Tip #2: A guide assistant for Photoshop

Guides are a very useful feature in Photoshop. But you have to create them manually, which can be annoying if you have more than one. This PHOTOSHOP KILLER TIP is about the free Photoshop Extension GuideGuide, that will help you to create complex guides within seconds.

Guides are awesome! And they can be used for almost everything. If you want to visualize the middle of your canvas, a bleed for your flyer or the grid of your layout. But: guides are a pain! And although Adobe released a new feature called Guide Layout in Photoshop CC 2014, there still is a tool, that can do much more than that: the GuideGuide Photoshop Extension!

What it does

Basically, GuideGuide creates guides by one simple click. One click for the vertical midpoint guide, another one for the bottom edge, one to hide the guides and another click to delete all guides. That’s how simple it is. But there’s way more. Let’s say you want to add a bleed of 3mm. Just enter 3mm to any margin field and hit the “Make grid” button. Or how about dividing your document into 10 vertical parts? Add a column count of 10 and you’re done! You can also create guides by column size and even add a gutter!

Normal Mode, Custom Mode, Sets

Normal Mode, Custom Mode, Sets

The interesting thing is: you can do the very same things based on a selection, instead of the document size! And if that’s still not enough: GuideGuide allows you to create the even most complex type of grid you can imagine, by using grid notation – a way to code commands, which GuideGuide will transforms into guides!

All of your guide creations can be saved as sets, so you can use them anytime on any document or selection!

Live simulation on their website

Still not convinced? Go to their website, and play around with the GuideGuide Demo! Try the different buttons, enter random numbers and make a selection inside the GuideGuide Demo window. The best way to get a feeling for the power of GuideGuide, without even installing it!

GuideGuide Screenshot

Where to get it?

You can get the GuideGuide extension for Photoshop CS5 and later at for free. Yes, for free! Since extensions are independent from platforms, they work with both Windows and Mac. Here you’ll find the installation instructions. Enjoy!

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