Where to get inspirations for you next shoot?

Are you planing on doing a photo shoot any time soon? Well, if you’re looking for fresh ideas for your mood board, inspiring photos or creativity in general, you might want to read this!

Believe us, there are a lot of pictures on the internet. 200,000 images make their way to Facebook every single minute. Over 70 million images are being posted daily on instagram. Imagine to watch every single one of them: 24 hours of instagram time would take you way more than 2 years, if you had 1 second per image! Truth be told, not every image  probably not even 0,00001% is worth to serve as an inspiration! But still, that is a mass of pictures! Last time we googled “fashion image”, we got one billion results. One billion, for those who don’t know, looks like that: 1,000,000,000! So again, there are a lot of pictures on the internet.

So, how can you find your inspiration in this tremendous amount of pictures? Actually, there are three ways to get your inspirations online.

1. Picture based platforms

Advantage: search for specific words/genre/tags, very precise search results, often inspiring
Disadvantage: registration necessary (sometimes)

2. Inspiring website or blogs

Advantage: don’t have to search, just get inspired
Disadvantage: maybe not the kind of inspiration, you’re actually looking for

3. Search engines

Advantage: free of charge, very fast
Disadvantage: result not always accurate, rarely inspiring pictures

That said, here we go with our favorite sources for inspirations.

1. Behance

To access behance, you need to have an Adobe ID. Once you are logged in, a mass of inspirations is waiting for you! Depending on who you are following, a lot of interesting projects will pop up in your activity window. If you are looking for a particular genre, element, object, style… simply use the search field! Behance is full of everything! From high-end commercial work to a hobby photographer’s picture of his wife’s boobs!


(c) behance.net


2. Pinterest

To use Pinterest, you need to create a free account (otherwise you will be annoyed by their popup). Similar to Behance, a mass of inspirations will pop up, when you enter the website – as long as you follow enough interesting people. You can not only search for specific tags, but you can search in predefined categories, such as Photography. Pinterest will also suggest additional tags, to help you find exactly what you are looking for. And if that’s still too much for you, simply take a look at the collections (Pinterest calls it boards) other people already made! And there are a lot of photography inspiration boards!


(c) pinterest.com


3. Tumblr

If you want to search for special words/tags, you can, without the need to register yourself. Tumblr also supports animated GIFs, which a lot of people see as an invitation to do so. But all in all, it’s a good way to get some quality results!


(c) tumblr.com


4. Instagram

You don’t necessarily need an Instagram account to check out people’s profiles in a web browser. But you need one, if you want to be able to search for hashtags. Hashtags are the only way to make an image searchable on Instagram. Since a lot of not-photography-gifted people upload their pictures of pretty much everything they do, like, hate, eat, wear, love and think looks good in the mirror, you really need to make sure you’re searching for the right hashtags! Especially, since you can’t enter multiple hashtags! Or you start following some very talented photographers, like this one.


(c) instagram.com


5. Deviant Art

DeviantArt for sure is not the most pretty website. Actually, it’s very chaotic and confusing. But, you don’t have to create an account to search or download pictures and files. While Deviant Art isn’t the best place to get good photography art, it is amazing, when it come to digital art, composings or drawings. But who said, you can’t get great inspirations from this kind of art?


(c) deviantart.com


6. Stock Photo Agency

Stock agencies, like Fotolia, have a very powerful search engine. So no matter what you’re looking for, you probably will find it. But… stock images are meant to be used for magazines, website, on products, commercials or in composings. So don’t expect the artistic value to be too high.


(c) Fotolia


7. Blogs

There are a lot of very inspiring blogs. We already discussed this in one of our previous blog posts: 10 inspiring blogs you should know.


(c) fx-ray.com


8. Google

And with Google, we mean search engines in general…. which means Google! For sure, it is the fastest way to get your inspiration, although probably not the one with the best results.


(c) google.com


Did we miss something? Let us know within a comment!

Comments (4)

  1. Michael R.

    I would also put flickr and 500px on the List. I like Instagram, but I think 500px and flickr offer a greater variety of pictures and the better organizing tools. To me Instagram is more a drive by platform while I find it much easier to find pictures I liked again on 500px and flickr. It’s also much easier to combine 500px and flickr with Pinterest.

  2. Ren A

    Hi Don,

    Thank you very much for putting this blog post together and sharing. I have only ever used Flickr but having read this piece I’m off to muse over some other amazing work. Danke! Ren

  3. Robin

    Hey Don. Thanks for sharing this great inspirational information. Sometimes we find ourselves stagnating or unsure of which way to go. Alltogether your photography and your waves of information are great. Thanks. Wish you a great day. Robin