Photographers For Charity

Last weekend some of Germany’s most prestigious photographers and photoshoppers gathered together to host a charity event for the Round Table Children’s Wish Foundation. Altogether, we raised over 19,000 EUR to help making children’s wishes come true.

DomQuichotte was invited to speak and teach at the “Photographers for Charity” event ( in Aschaffenburg, Germany, which took place for the second time. Together with his colleagues, industrial partners, playmates and makeup artists, who all worked for free and traveled at their own expenses, they were able to donate over 19,000 EUR to the Round Table Children’s Wish e.V. This organization supports children and teenagers, who are desperately ill, by fulfilling their heart’s desire.

I support the project, because I love children. And I hope to cause something big with this little act.

Annetta Negare
German Playmate November 2014

24 participants – 12 each day – came to support the project, and learn from amazing photographers, shoot amazing models (all Playboy playmates) and finally learn how to edit their images in Photoshop and Lightroom. Thanks to Tecco, every participant was able to print his favorite picture with an Epson printer on a huge, premium DIN A2 paper. Fotolia supported the event with free catering and giveaways, Comspot send some fresh macs, displays and coupons, Wacom gave us their pen tablets, Rheinwerk Verlag sponsored workshop DVDs and Nikon, Sigma, Canon and Sony send us some of their best cameras and lenses. Hensel, Dedo Light and Sunbounce equipment ensured, that there was enough light on set.  24 participants in a photographer’s paradise.

It’s so much fun. And it’s not about work, it’s about doing something good for children!

Matthias Schwaighofer
Famous Digital Artist from Austria

Thanks to Stefan from Schnewoli, we also do have a little videographic impression of the event.

The whole event was organized by photographer Alexander Heinrichs from ah-photo, and Sven Doelle, who is Principal Business Development Manager at Adobe. Together, they invited photographers, models and makeup artists from all over Germany and Austria, to be part of this project. Finally, we had eight teams:

 The model’s makeups were lovingly made by Elvira Igrineva, Julija Stoffersen, Kerstin Hoppe, Natacha Neuendorff and Sascha Ellmers.

Thanks everyone for being part of this amazing adventure! Thanks for your support, your donations and your time! You rock!

Photos: all behind the scenes pictures by (c) Christoph Künne, (c) Matthias Schwaighofer, (c) Sven Doelle and (c) Alexander Heinrichs.

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