Shooting at Workshop Reunion

Every year, participants of Guido Karp’s Los Angeles Workshop gather together to meet up, shoot, remember and have fun. This year’s get-together took place at the Sunbounce headquarter in Egestorf, near Hamburg, Germany. Here are some impressions.

Guido Karp, one of the most prestigious music photographers started his workshop series three years ago. Participants from Germany and the US travel to Los Angeles, to shoot beautiful models at some beautiful places, guided by Guido Karp. Mostly, the group is being support by Guido’s photographer friends, such as Michael Grecco, Tim Mantoani, Steve Thornton or David Mecey. DomQuichotte also is a part of the workshop.

Photo: (c) Susanne Seiffert

Photo: (c) Susanne Seiffert

After such a workshop, participants become friends. And friends like to meet up. And so we did. After a reunion in Göttingen and Koblenz, it was now time to visit the northern part of Germany. Sunbounce, who is supporting Guido’s workshops with equipment, offered a lovely location: their headquarter. Soon, everybody pursued their passion and started shooting the two Models Olga and Viktoria, who were lovely made up by our make-up artist Johanna Rosskamp.

Here we have a picture of DomQuichotte trying to carry away Guido Karp in a wheelbarrow, which actually didn’t work that good 😉

After a long day with a lot of laughing, remembering and looking forward to the next workshop in Los Angeles in 2016, a supper completed a perfect day. And of course, we don’t want to keep back DomQuichotte’s results.





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