T-shirt order instruction

How to order the FX-Ray Shortcuts T-Shirt

The FX-Ray Shortcut T-shirt is THE T-shirt you always wanted. A huge letter on the left side, the meaning of the shortcut on the right side. There are a lot of possibilities with different colors, sizes, and of course shortcuts, that’s why we had to invent a system to make it as easy as possible for you guys to order the correct T-shirt. So here’s a step-by-step instruction to guarantee you get the T-shirt, you really wanted.

1. Select the proper T-shirt size (IMPORTANT!)

The T-Shirt tends to be small, so please order one size larger than usual. Really! DomQuichotte definitively wears “L” but for this one he needs “XL” and wouldn’t fit into the “L”. Even if the T-shirt should be a little bit too big, it’s definitively better than too short, right? Please keep in mind, that this is a custom-made shirt, so we can’t take it back.

2. Select a color theme

Choose between what we call the pink and the green design. Depending on the number of letters you choose, different colors will be used. The pink theme tends to have more pink/reddish colors, while the green theme uses more green, blue and yellow. But please see the preview pictures for more details. The colors shown serves only as a pointer and can (and will) vary from the actual colors.

3. Select the letter code

In Photoshop, there are a lot of shortcuts. Luckily, for each letter in the alphabet there is at least on shortcut – thanks to that, the FX-Ray Shortcut T-shirt works in the first place! Fot most letters, there is more than one shortcut. That’s why we created a letter code matrix. Click on the pictures to enlarge.



So, let’s say your name is “Dom” and you want to have it as a FX-Ray Shortcut  T-Shirt. Select 3 letters in the options menu. Take a look at the Letter Code pictures and look out for the D. There you’ll find 3 options and the letter code for this letter (white text an pink background).


Now it’s your choice to decide which one of them you want. We love to deselect things, that’s why we stick with D2, which also add’s the CMD key. Then, we take O2 (stand for open). M also comes in two variations. We take M2, otherwise the right side of the T-shirt would be a little empty, compared to the other two letter. So, the letter code for this one would be D2/O2/M2. Make sure to remember your letter code or write it down.

4. Proceed to checkout

Add the T-shirt to your cart (with size, design and number of letters selected) and proceed to checkout. In the checkout window, you’ll find an additional information section with an order notes field. Enter the letter code (in this case: D2/O2/M2) into the field. Complete the form and click “Buy Now”. That’s it 🙂

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