Digital Cartoon

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to tranform a picture in a funny cartoon. You will learn some basic caricature rules, and how to apply them by using the Liquify Filter. Then, DomQuichotte will introduce you to the Mixer Brush Tool, so you can changed the image into a painting. Next, you will add pre-painted body parts from our project files, to complete the cartoon. Finally, we’ll adjust the colors.





Comments (39)

  1. Emy M

    great tutor…bt i cant download, whats wrong. each time i click on a file type d video plays instead of download

  2. leola13

    Really great tutorial. I did it with a picture from and for my daughter. She loved the effect.


  3. Blanca Martinez

    DEsde Catalonia
    Muchas gracias , un tutorial completo , Magnifico
    Wonderful tutorial, Thanks

  4. Assitan

    Moi cest Assitan.jai vus le tutoriel et le résultat .Cest vraiment impressionnant
    jai tenter la meme chose. Mais jai le photoshop cs3 et je suis bloquer a 2:23 je ne comprend pas loutil utiliser,je ne sais pas si il se trouve dans une autre version.pouriez vous maider svp.

  5. Keith

    Very good tutorial. I appreciate your effort to make us not fall asleep and not taking too long with the instructions.

    Thanks also for the idea of using a black and white adjustment on soft light.

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial.