X-Mas Fairy

In this tutorial DomQuichotte will teach you, how to transform a person into a fairy to proof: fairies do exist! Dom shows you, how to shoot and how to merge the different photos. You will create fairy wings, fairy dust and used different effects, to make the fairy look real! This is the perfect composing for your next Christmas card.

Why do people say fairies don’t exist?

Fairy Creator

For the wings, we used our popular Smoke Brush. But we included everything you need into the project files. And just to make one thing clear: with these techniques, you can create a non X-mas fairy as well! Enjoy!





Comments (21)

  1. Igor

    Excuse me, how can I make a mask from photos like in attached file (black shapes of the bode parts)?

  2. Vanessa Padua

    Bedankt voor het delen van deze mooie foto, ik heb veel geleerd van je video .. Ik ben Braziliaanse is geen Nederlands spreken rs .. dus sorry als je het niet goed begrijpt. Nogmaals bedankt

  3. Stephanie Koppelle

    Thats a great little tutorial learned new things from PS and thank you for sharing your content. LOVE it

  4. Adel

    This is very awesome, man! I did it and the steps was very clear. And I learned 2 things that is new to me! Thanks!


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