Low Poly Portrait

In this tutorial DomQuichotte will teach you, how to create a portrait, that looks like a low poly 3D model. You will be using the Polygonal Lasso Tool to paint triangles, the average blur filter to calculate an average color of a selection and create your own action, so you’ll have less work. Photoshop’s grid will help you to connect the triangles. In the end, we will apply different layer style effects to the polygons.



Subtitles available in English, Polish, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

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  1. shabbir

    hi. i am working this out on windows photosop cs5. i am not able to duplicate the selection into the new layer. please help!

  2. Francesco

    Hey, your tutorial is amazing!
    But I have a problem, when I hit crl+J it copies the selection in a new layer big as the preexisting background, so I cna’t apply the filter because it counts the whole layer. How can I copy only the selected part of image?

  3. Marcelo

    Thanks for such great tutorial!
    Allow me one question: how can I export the image to Illustrator, so I can make it scalable? (I could do all the work right in Illustrator, but the action with the blur/average step is great in Ps). Should I add an extra step in the action, to convert the shape to vector (path)? Your help is much appreciated.
    Thanks again, and best regards. Great tut!

  4. Freddie Moorhead

    What resolution and size did you use because when zoomed in on my image (.cr2) it is too pixelated to do anything. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Paul

    Cannot get to work, at all. Gets stuck on "background" layers, even after they\´ve been removed. 🙁

  6. William Tucker

    When I am making the action and I press CRLT+J it copies it onto a new layer but it doesn\´t stay selected, can you help!

  7. Safa

    The Best Low poly illustration tutorial on net so far ! Had to agree and i mean it Thanks alot ! Dont Stop man ♥

  8. Takashi


  9. leodesigner

    Parabéns pela iniciativa em estar disponibilizando pro público conhecimento.Gosto muito dos seus tutoriais.

  10. Louzada

    Great, really nice.
    Only a small detail that I notice and I would like to mention. On the top of the head there is a peak that I think would look better if it was flat. Many thanks.

  11. hossein zeynal

    سلام اگه دنبال یه سایت گرافیکی خوب هستی به این سایت سر بزن

  12. David

    Such a great tutorial!
    How do you achieve this wireframe look, I know and saw how you added the lines around every polygon but how do "empty" the polygons so you are just seeing the borders of each polygon?

  13. Michael Gundelach

    Awesome!! A lot of work, but really awesome and still easy to manage. I love it.
    I will try it out for sure on one of my pics. Especially the Layer style is interesting and a nice playground…
    Thanks a lot for effort and sharing!!!


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