Music Lights

In this tutorial DomQuichotte will create a magical music cable with smoke and light. You’ll learn, how to create your very own smoke from scratch by using the Liquify Tool. We will add light effects with layer styles and shape a tremble cleff with self-made smoke brushes! To make the light more realistic, we’ll change the whole light setting and end with color corrections.





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  1. Holden Caulfield

    Fantastic! Thanks for your kindenss. Really helpful for learning. You tell the fundamental skill

  2. Vee

    Amazing and so informative, Ive learned a lot even in just one video.. Thanks for this tutorial, stay awesome! <3

  3. Stephan

    Dear Dom,

    thank you very very much for your tutorials. I´ve never learned more in that short amount of time.

    Regards, Stephan

  4. Bert

    Es ist ordentlich Geschwindigkeit dabei bei dem Video, als Neueinsteiger nicht machbar.
    Zumal sich meine Version etwas unterscheidet. Auch klappt es bei mir nicht die Wolken bei 3:37 einzusetzen, da bekomme ich eine Fehlermeldung, dass der Bereich leer ist. Da verliert man schnell die Lust.

  5. Joseph Raj

    Dear DomQuichotte,
    Thank you very very much….
    Really you are a expert of expert in photoshop….
    I want to know more about you, please add a page of about section…
    I became your fan…..
    You are really really great person sharing these secrets…..

  6. said

    is excelent master, great work, clear explication, congratulations, very good aport, i am learning a lot

  7. Alex

    Great stuff. Loved the tutorial, everything is clearly explained step by step, with a stunning result. I can create my own cool pics now.

  8. Steffen G.

    Hey Dom Quichotte! Das ist ein wirklich gutes Tutorial. Herzlichen Dank und ich freu mich auf mehr! Grüße Steffen