Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don’t have Photoshop. Can I use other software?

Yes, absolutely. All of our Photoshop-Tutorials are compatible with Gimp, Paint, PowerPoint, Word and YES even Excel! You don’t believe us? Try it!

Can I have a job?


Can I use your images and footage?

You can use all images for training purpose. Images of our models and other people are not available for private and commercial use. So please use your own images – ask your friends, parents or children. Footage, like textures, shapes or brushes can be used for private purpose. If you want to use our footage commercially, please send us a request.

Can I post about your tutorials and downloads on my website?

Yes, you can post a link and a description to our tutorials/downloads. You can even use the images to refer to our page – but please use the following credit: © We’re allways happy to hear that people share our stuff – so please write us! But you’re not allowed to embbed our tutorials or make our downloads available on your site – even if you refer to our site!

I want to use your photos to write about your website. What is the credit?

Please use the following credit: © We are always happy to hear, what and where you guys wrote about FX-Ray. So, please let us know.

Can I translate your tutorial into another language?

Yes, you can help us to translate a tutorial into your language. Please contact us.

Can I write down your tutorial and post it on a website?

If you want to write down a tutorial, make sure, there are no subtitles, yet. Please contact us, and we can show you, how you can add subtitles. It is not allowed though, to post our tutorials on any website.  

Who or what the f**k is DomQuichotte?

DomQuichotte (yes, it’s his real name) is a digital artist, currently working in beautiful Los Angeles and less beautiful Berlin for some of the most prestigious photographers and agencies in the world. He is the creative head of FX-Ray and we’re very proud to have him on our team. *kiss ass*

Your models are so beautiful. Can I have sex with them?

Yes, definitively!

Who else is part of FX-Ray?

 People… mostly nerds! And incredibly beautiful women (except one)!

Your tutorials are super boring!

 That’s not even a question, jerk!

Didn’t find your question? Write us, and we will be happy to help…. maybe.