Re-Touch Plugin for Photoshop

Re-Touch is a professional Plugin for Photoshop aiming at retouchers who want to access powerful functions such as Frequency Separation, Dodge & Burn, Match Color, IHP, Elongation or Export easily with just a double click. All functions, including layer/group names and colours, can be adapted to your own needs and saved as custom presets.

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The main Add-ons

Dodge & Burn

The Dodge & Burn Add-on allows you to work with this famous retouching technique in all possible ways: empty layer, 50% grey layer, curves adjustment layer or a group with curves and hue/saturation. Grouped, nested, or as a simple layer. Define the opacity or intensity of the layer or group.

Frequency Separation

There are many ways to separate an image and the Re-Touch Plugin supports many of them, including Gaussian Blur, Median, Surface Blur and High Pass.

Frequency Separation in the Re-Touch Plugin for Photoshop

Retouching Tools

There are four powerful retouching tools included: Inverted High Pass, Match Color, Elongation and Check Layers.


Export your images as PSD, JPG, PNG or TIFF to a specific folder, the original destination or the parent folder. There are also resizing and renaming options available.

More Functions

  • English and German language support, but works with Photoshop in all languages
  • Display the tool presets you need the most for a faster and more convenient workflow
  • Customize Re-Touch with your most precious Photoshop Actions
  • Backup and Restore your presets
  • Hide and display Add-ons and presets and favorize them
  • Same Group function to add new layers into a single group


What version of Photoshop is supported?
Photoshop CC 2021 for both Mac and Win in all languages.

How to install the Re-Touch Plugin?
Click on this link to buy Re-Touch and follow the instructions.

Can I add my own actions?
Yes, Re-Touch support Photoshop Actions.