Plastic Warp

In this tutorial you will use a couple of filters from the filter gallery, to create a plastic look. DomQuichotte will also add chrome spikes to the back of the model and add shadows, to make it look real!



Subtitles available in English, German, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Comments (20)

  1. sherry lawrence

    I’m using PSCC. when I went to filter gallery and applied the plaster instead of it being grayscale it was green. any suggestion?

  2. Lion6255

    Trying to locate the reflection brushes and the spikes so can try this…Checked facebook pages also…What I\´m I missing? Thanks

  3. Quinn

    This was amazing! Thank you so much! I had a lot of memory loss from a head injury two years ago, and this just helped me catch back up on relearning!

  4. Angel

    i m sorry. i m stupid (again), opened it up on full screen and whooohooo here it comes, there is a project file download

  5. Kris

    Very useful, can also be applied this tips in too many ways and options. Thanks a lot to share. We appreciate it around the world! Keep doing the best 🙂

    Aviso a navegantes de subs Español: Cuando en el minuto 8:02 pone "ctrl (Windows) + E , se refiere a: ctrl + shift + E 😉

  6. Lili

    oh my god ! you\´re the best ! very clever ! I can\´t believe you only used photoshop filters by default ! wow ! Thank you sooo much for sharing your techniques ! I\´ve found another technique of plastic wrapping weeks ago but it was really too hard, using 3D… Thank you again.