In this tutorial you will learn not only how to create your own superhero, but also which characteristics represent the action genre. In a making-of, you see how DomQuichotte shot the entire superhero, which light he used and how make-up and clothes were made. In Photoshop you will learn to add a background and to create special effects, like fire, flying debris and glow.



Subtitles available in English, German and Spanish.

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  1. Jeanette

    Vielen Dank für deine immer wieder sehr guten Tutorials!
    Annabell habe ich erst gar nicht erkannt, aber sie sieht toll aus als Superheldin 😉

    Immer weiter so!

  2. Christian Barrera

    It’s amazing

    Is there any tutorial about how to use Photoshop for site plans in Architecture?

    Thank you!!

  3. Rashed

    Nearly every graphic designer has used Photoshop tutorials to bolster their design skills; in fact, theres perhaps no better way to become a better graphic designer than to follow Photoshop tutorials. This is an extremely awesome tutorial. 🙂

  4. leodesigner

    Cara vc é fantástico!!! Seus tutoriais são maravilhosos. Fico impressionado sempre q entro na sua página e encontro algum tutorial.Parabéns!!!!!

  5. Andrew

    3D sign looks like a fake (ps instruments too bad for this)
    But your technique is interesting, very useful tutorial, thanks bro 😀

  6. Yorgi

    Danke für dieses Hammer Tutorial. Unglaublich mit welch einfachen Mitteln Du aus einem tollen Photo ein noch tolleres Composing erstellst!

  7. Stephanie

    Wieder mal ein großartiges Tutorial und cool, dass du auch die Lichteinstellungen beim shooting gezeigt hast.

  8. Marcel Duddeck AXM

    If I click The Hide Button and want to start the Video, i always getting an error that the video dosnt work =( Your other Videos even works without any problems.

  9. Phil

    sieht hammer aus, würde mir nur gerne das tutorial anguckt aber finde keine video. :(( kann mir einer helfen?