Hair Retouching

In this tutorial you will learn how to retouch stray hairs, fly-away hairs, cross hairs, how to fill spots with hair and and how to make them look clean and shiny. DomQuichotte will be using frequency separation, dodge & burn and the liquify filter for a perfect retouching.

Before you start watching, make sure to also check our Skin Retouching Tutorial, where we explain the way frequency separation works intensively.



Subtitles available in English, German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Comments (54)

  1. Silvia

    That was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for your amazing tutorials, you’re one step further the other tutorial that I’ve found on the web!

  2. Chris

    Love your work and attention to detail, Dom!

    I’d love to see some more advanced/extreme hair work, as I’ve got some great photos to edit, but somewhat messy hair really lets them down. Unfortunately, they need more that just an hour or so of tidying! 🙁

    Suggestions always welcome!!

  3. Randell

    One of the best tutorials on working with hair I\´ve seen. Thanks Dom – Funny and Brilliant as always.

  4. Hendrik Nix

    Fantastische Arbeit – endlich mal ein wirklich nützliches Tutorial. Du bist das Tool – nicht umgekehrt! Top Notch Work!

  5. Edvando Alves

    Parabéns pelos tutoriais, ja assisti alguns e são fantásticos e seu senso de humor não deixa que o vídeo torne-se cansativo. Showw demais!

  6. Thiago

    Hey Dom, how did you create the new layer with the hair copy at 16:07? Did you use any command? It\´s not clear for me. Thanks for your attention.

  7. CVPhotoart

    Hey Dom, your style of presenting/creating tutorials is just amazing. I really enjoyed each second of them. Many thanks for this. Greets from Germany 🙂

  8. Lili

    You\´re my savior ! I always wondering how pro could did it ! I\´m so happy I finally know 😀 Now it\´s time to practise 😀

  9. Margaret

    Great demo, thanks a lot! Just one question: why did you duplicate the hight frequency layer?

  10. Paul Egas

    Defenitely this is the best hair retouching tutorial I have ever seen in my life, very nice, well explained, thumbs up

  11. Jens Heitzmann

    Nice tutorial, really. But what I dislike is the outcome. Yes you can punch me in the face for it, I don\´t care. Just being honest.
    The Problem I have, is the puppet-fake look. It just doesn\´t look real in any way. No human being has such a perfect shaped hair. That makes it look extremly fake. Also short behind the ear, around 1cm behind, there is a very visible straight line, which looks weird.

    Not meant bad in any way. Just my thoughts about it. Sorry.

  12. Sascha

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. It\´s really helpfull to see the workflow of a pro\´s are retouching. I learned a lot. Thumbs up and please keep on this project. I love it.

  13. Michelle

    That is amazing! Thank you so much for that tutorial, learned a lot that will save me time in the future