Light Leaks

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add light leaks to your images in seconds, by using our Light Leak Textures and color adjustments. DomQuichotte shows you how to change the color, how to give the image a vintage look by only using color fill and gradient fill. Finally, you will paint your very own light leak texture.



Subtitles available in English, German and Spanish.

Comments (16)

  1. Neeraj Pandey

    great Tutorials…
    Waiting for some more skin retouching tutorials to give an international look..

  2. Stephanie

    Thanks for the tutorial, great stuff cant wait to create my own light leaks. Greatings from Münsterland

  3. omar

    i dont know for some reason it is playing video but 2 audios idk why but please send me a link to this off of your site so i can see if im doing something wrong.

  4. angelina kain

    i need help, its not like that. it doesnt have two different colours like yours. its just yellow