The Walking Zombie

In this tutorial DomQuichotte will teach you, how to create a zombie by using blood and skin textures from our  Horror texture pack.

We will take you on a trip and show you, how special effects make-up artist Mareike created stunning wounds. Starting with melted gelatine, she applied with a spatula on a skin to create a rotten flesh area. Liquid latex combined with a piece of a facial tissue – once it’s dried, you can cut out pieces. Then she covered the different materials with make-up to match them, added some blood texture to the wounds, and also applied some liquid blood on the clothes and the rest of her body. Finally she added a lot of conditioner to make the hair look greasy and lifeless.

In Photoshop, DomQuichotte will work with different adjustment layer techniques and show you not only, how to improve the special effect make-up, but also, how to create a zombie if you don’t have a special effects make-up artist at home. The perfect composing for your next Halloween party!



Subtitles available in English, German, Polish and Spanish

Comments (19)

  1. Marky

    Beautifully explain tutorial, I was going to say beautiful people but I\´ll hold that back for another tutorial 😉

  2. Chris_Augsburg

    Hi Dom Quichotte,
    You are Foto Artist No. 1 !!!
    Creative Intelligence and very good ideas, oerfect realisation – thats you – never seen ! High Five 🙂

  3. iphotoshop

    man you´re awesome much more than what you think you are 😉
    you´re always and inspiration for me
    thank you really much for sharing all these great stuff

  4. Uwe

    As usual a really great tutorial. Dom please keep up the great work and making tutorials. Cannot await the next one.
    Greets Uwe